Why You Aren’t Getting a Response to Your Job Posting

When discussing hiring strategy I often explain the idea of contradictory job requirements. I’ve discussed it on this blog and have written articles about it on my website. I use an example that I believe illustrates the absurdity of some of these requirements.

If you have heart surgery, will you insist on finding a surgeon who also practices law?

Well it turns out, someone took the idea to heart. Below is the list of requirements for an administrative position in Massachusetts. I’m not sure to whom to attribute the copyright, but the posting can be found on baystatehealthjobs.com

  • Juris Doctor Degree (Law Degree)
  • Massachusetts RN License
  • 5 Years of Clinical Experience…
  • Associate in Risk Management Certification
  • Professional Healthcare Risk Management Certification

OK, so it isn’t actually a surgical position. In this case, they’re looking for an experienced nurse with multiple certifications in healthcare risk management who happened to get lost on the way to work one day and wound up with an expensive three-year law degree.

I’m not sure if I need to come up with an even more absurd example to prove my point, or just let my clients read this job posting…