Using Muscle Memory to Reinvigorate Old Interests

I went skiing yesterday after a hiatus of nearly a decade. I own all of the equipment, clothing, and transportation necessary to do so, but winter after winter I’ve failed to made the time. I’ve talked about it every year, but never actively set aside time to do so. This year I finally made the time.

I was a bit apprehensive leading up to it. My racquetball game weakens considerably over the month off for the holidays; I couldn’t imagine how much a decade would take from my skiing abilities.

It turns out that muscle memory is an amazing thing. Somehow I picked up right where I had left off. The mountain was anything but packed, lines were non-existent, the views were spectacular, the weather was perfect, and I skied as if I had taken no time off. Of course my legs are reminding me today that I had in fact aged nearly ten years between trips…

Don’t let time be an excuse not to pursue your interests. It’s never about “not having the time;” it’s about not making the time. Our priorities change – careers develop, families grow, new interests captivate, and old ones fall by the wayside. Don’t worry if it’s been a long time; you might find that muscle memory fills the gaps quite nicely.