Don’t Be a Closet Thought Leader

I had a half-day meeting with a potential client earliest this week. I had the opportunity to put on a small, informal focus group of a few of their customer service representatives. They were very bright and charismatic people who knew their products (financial services and instruments) backwards and forwards. Their advice to clients is delivered in a conversational and consultative fashion. First and foremost, they educate their clients.

Each of these people, and the dozens of their colleagues they represented, are thought leaders. They know their trade, they push the envelope to develop new ideas and solutions, and they educate their clients. Many of them had even generated their own checklists, flow charts, and other intellectual property to standardize the education process.

Unfortunately, all of this value, advice, and intellectual property stays hidden behind a desk. This isn’t proprietary pay-only content, it’s valuable marketing collateral and an opportunity to educate a wider range of people to attract potential clients. It’s a tremendous weakness, and I hope we’ll be fixing it together very soon…

Don’t be a closet thought leader. If you’re already doing the work, why not get the most out of it?