Casting a Wider Net: Job Requirements – Part 2

So you’ve crossed off all of the requirements you didn’t have any support for. Fewer otherwise capable candidates will consider themselves unqualified because they are missing some requirements. Now let’s consider the quality level needed for the role you’re trying to fill.

A common mistake I see made frequently is that everyone wants an expert. Because a manager doesn’t have the technical know-how to handle the role themselves, they jump to the assumption that they need the best and brightest to solve their problem. You should have an understanding of how challenging the role will be for your ideal candidate. If you do manage to hire a rock star but don’t provide them with any challenging tasks or opportunities to grow personally, they are going to get board, stop applying themselves, and eventually go elsewhere. You need to keep your employees challenged but not overwhelmed to keep them motivated.

Not every role in a business needs the absolute brightest person in that field. Face it, there are some mundane jobs that just need to be done. Save your talent attraction and recruitment resources for the roles that really require top-shelf talent.

Watch out for the requirements like “must have implemented ABC software on XYZ servers at least three times for publicly traded insurance companies.” Anyone who fills that requirement is merely an implementor who does the same project over and over. Most good candidates can’t say they’ve done that, and chances are, your really don’t need them to. Many talented people look for new jobs to do something that they haven’t done yet. Consider giving them a shot.

Finally, have an understanding of what an expert costs. Chances are, you don’t need an expert. If you do, be prepared to pay for it. Postings that demand “world-class expert in …” and list a pay range of $60,000-$70,000 based on experience is laughable and offensive to true experts, and employ strong enough language to discourage others (who might actually be a good fit) from applying.

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