A Simple and Powerful Way to Improve Customer Service

Every time a customer sends in with a problem, you have an opportunity to lose a customer, disappoint one, or secure one forever. Far too many big companies have abysmal call centers filled with barely understandable staff who aren’t empowered to do anything outside of their standard script. Escalating a problem rarely offers any closure or resolution, leaving the customer dissatisfied and probably looking at competitors.

To stand out and delight your customers, try this: be nice, and solve their problems.

It isn’t much harder than that. Be polite, courteous, and expeditious in solving their problem. If it can’t be solved quickly, inform the customer and follow through!

Here’s the problem… You can’t do that with a script. If a problem or question outside of a well-rehearsed script baffles the person on the phone, you’re too late. You’ve already lost. Just as you are trying to put the customer in a box (press 4, press 1), they are putting you in one as well. They’re putting you in a box with all of the other disappointing cable, phone, credit card, and logistics companies (don’t get me started on banks) who have done the same thing to them.

So ditch the script and start solving the customers problem.